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Hill Cumorah Anniversary

Early this morning, several missionaries met at Hill Cumorah, were shuttled to the Joseph Smith Farm, and walked from the farm to the hill in commemoration of Joseph Smith, Junior, receiving the golden plates.  The large group was escorted by a sheriff deputy who kept us safe from the early morning traffic.

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Hill Cumorah Walk Participants


The story can be found at josephsmith.net, but it was in 1823 that Joseph first visited Hill Cumorah under the instruction of a heavenly messenger named Moroni.  We was shown some gold plates with writing on them, but was instructed to return annually to the same location.  In September, 1827, Joseph received the plates and by the gift and power of God translated them to what we now know as The Book of Mormon – Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Today, approximately 50 of us walked the route from the Smith Farm to the Hill Cumorah.

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Atop Hill Cumorah


That was a good workout for the morning.

From there I went to Books Etc. in Macedon where they will be displaying some of my work on the walls.  My work will be on display until November 30th.  There will be an open house on Friday, October 4th, in the evening if anyone wants to stop and see the display.

Elizabethe and I are heading back to the hill to watch a movie about the Book of Mormon tonight.  Perhaps we might see some of you there.