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Salvatore’s Pizza in Macedon

Elizabethe and I enjoyed a late lunch at the new Salvatore’s Pizza in Macedon.  This clean, diner-style pizzeria is located in the heart of the Village of Macedon a few doors down from the Village Hall.  We just went for slices, and I ordered a side of wings.  The wings were so-so, but the pizza was fantastic.  The crust has this right balance between chewy and crunchy and a buttery flavor.   The interior of the place has a few booths.  It’s not enough for big groups, but for family dining in the restaurant it’s enough.

Speaking of Macedon, did you know that Yahoo! Maps lists it as MacEdon?

Speaking of Pizzerias, Mark’s is coming along.

Mark's Pizzeria Progress September 6th, 2013

Mark’s Pizzeria Progress September 6th, 2013

Here’s a flashback to last May…

Fire Damaged and Condemned section

Fire Damaged and Condemned section

Facebook yesterday announced its new terms.  Basically, they announced that if they, or one of their advertisers decided that they want to use pictures you post on Facebook, they can.  One lawyer weighting in on the matter doesn’t see that as theft, and said users don’t have to use Facebook.  Another advised removing one’s photos, so I have.  From now on, my photos will be posted on www.dbwalton.info and www.dbwalton.com and not on Facebook or any other social media.  Too much copyright abuse.