Day 4 of the Tour

We photographed the breakfast at the hotel this morning, and then after a bit of a rest, we hit the road for the last day of the tour. We did a little detour to Tipperary Hill in Syracuse. The story behind Tip Hill, as it is also called, is known for a stop light that has the green light at the top, instead of the bottom. The standard is RED, YELLOW, GREEN. But this light is reversed, and here’s why…

The light was installed in an Irish neighborhood, and the following morning, the neighborhood boys took rocks and broke the red light as they felt it was an ethnic attack against the Irish to have the green light on the bottom. When the city replaced the broken red light, again the rock throwers broke it out. Finally, they decided to reverse the lights and that stopped the vandalism.

We made our way back to Route 31, and continued the drive home in the reverse direction.

After making it home, I spent the rest of the day copying all the photos and making backups. Now comes the hard part — organizing the pictures and writing the book.