Daily Archives: May 10, 2013

Trip to the Bicycle Shop

We received a coupon for CiCi’s Pizza and so we decided to use it for lunch. I mean, it’s not the greatest place, but where else can you get lunch for two for under $8?

From there, we went to the bicycle shop so I could get some new gloves. Mine were literally falling apart.

The close-out rack had some large sized gloves, but I think that was a large toddler size. I held them up to my hand and I would be lucky to get two fingers inside these things. I then went searching for the men’s gloves, found them, and found a pair that not only fit, but felt very comfortable.

When I got to the cash register, the guy looked at the gloves and said, “Going retro, eh?”

I don’t care about style when it comes to cycling gloves, I only care about comfort. Anyone who has never worn cycling gloves while biking, once you do, you’ll always want to wear them. They absorb a lot of pounding against the palms of your hands. The same can be said about clipless pedals, bike shorts and jerseys. There’s a reason they make those funny looking clothes and the reason is comfort.