Daily Archives: December 30, 2012


I heard a great quote today, “It is better to be a guide on the side than a sage on the stage.” I’m going to have to remember that when teaching. Sometimes, it is easy to be the sage when your time is short, but after hearing this, I think it is more effective to always be a guide on the side. (There are exceptions when a teaching venue doesn’t allow for questions or group participation.)

Sister Gillespie and Sister Jones came to dinner tonight. We had white bean soup with ham, whole wheat muffins (which turned out perfectly), and chocolate/hazelnut mousse for dessert. Sister Jones had never seen the house, so Elizabethe gave her a tour.

My friend, John Kidd, called from California and we had a long talk about cameras, The Friend, and what’s out here in New York. I’m still trying to convince him to come visit.