Daily Archives: December 17, 2012

Great Idea

A few weeks ago, we had the sister missionaries for dinner. We had just bought a bunch of tiny pumpkins on closeout. They were about 5 for $1 because it was after Halloween. So, I took the pumpkins and stuffed them like you would bell peppers and baked them. The sisters thought that was pretty cool.

Tonight, they had a huge open house at the Joseph Smith Farm Welcome Center. One of those sisters came up to me. She was very excited. She showed me some photos on her phone where she had taken miniature pumpkins and stuffed them with bread pudding and baked them.

What a COOL idea!  Sister Madsen’s idea is great.  That’s got me thinking… flan… rice pudding… pumpkin pie filling… and more.

By the way, I thought I’d give everyone a weather update.  This is the 4th winter I’ve lived here, and here is a summary for this date:

2009 – By December 17th, we had 6 days of snow.  This day, being the 6th.  On this date in 2009 we receive 2.5″

2010 – On this date we received our 17th day of snow.  Now, keep in mind, we’re not talking a lot of snow.  We’re talking 17 days of 0.1 to 0.7 inches of snow.

2011 – Last year on this date we receive a light dusting of snow for our 3rd day of the season.

This year, we’ve been getting mostly rain and drizzle.  Although, they are predicting snow for the weekend.  We’ll see.

Frankly, having lived in Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming during winter months, I’ll take a Palmyra winter over any of those other places.