Daily Archives: December 7, 2012

Stupid is as Stupid Says

The media hates us, or they must think the public is stupid.  MSN reports, “The fizziness in carbonated drinks often comes from phosphoric acid.”

Here’s the deal… carbonated drinks get their fizziness from CARBONATION.  (Also known as carbonic acid – the mixture of CO2 and H2O.  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbonic_acid)   Also, not all soft drinks contain phosphoric acid. (There is nothing fizzy about phosphoric acid.  Carbonic acid gets its fizziness by releasing the CO2 bubbles when it hits the warmth of your mouth.)  Back in the day, when soda fountains were popular, a bottle of phosphoric acid was kept at the counter.  When someone ordered a soda pop, they could ask to have it turn it in to a “phosphate”.  A phosphate was a soda pop with a shot of phosphoric acid for some extra tartness.  My favorite was a cherry phosphate.

But then, the person who wrote the MSN report was probably born in the 80s and gets their information from Facebook postings.

Okay… got that out of the way.  Feels good to call MSN stupid.

To celebrate 56 years of life, Elizabethe and I went and saw Skyfall.  Like any Bond movie, it was great.

Now it’s time for a nice rib eye steak, baked potato, and a salad.