AT&T and Aunt Vicki

Elizabethe and I went and saw a lot of people at AT&T whom I hadn’t seen for quite a while.  Karen, Kathleen and Sam had lunch with us, and then we headed down to San Jose (Campbell area) to see Aunt Vicki.

The last time we saw Aunt Vicki was when Elizabethe and I had been married one year.  So, that was 14 years ago.  She’s now nearly 87 years old and is as sharp as ever.

Aunt Vicki and Me

Aunt Vicki was the youngest of the two girls my Grandma Knowles had from her first marriage.  Her sister, Lorna, died in the mid-1980s.  My grandpa had a daughter, Gwen, from his first marriage, and she died around 1955, before I was born.  Grandma and Grandpa had 3 children together:  Shirley (living in Pullman, Washington), Joyce (my mom, died 9 years ago) and Allen (living in Boise, Idaho).

Vicki and I talked about how wonderful it was that my Grandpa Knowles was born in 1879, and the legacy he provided for us.  Because grandpa was 21 years older than grandma, it made for a unique family dynamic, but he was a wonderful man who linked us to a the era before cars and modernization.

On the way back to Pleasanton, we were at a dead stop on I-680 when someone rear-ended me.  He wouldn’t let me see his driver’s license, and he showed me a proof of insurance.  I didn’t let me see it long, but I got as much information as I could from it.  I took a picture of his truck before he took off.  When the C.H.P. arrived, the questions they asked made me believe the guy has a history of D.U.I.  Nobody was hurt, and the damage to the rental car is unnoticeable.  But, I took photos, and made all the reports to be on the safe side.

2 thoughts on “AT&T and Aunt Vicki

  1. chrisbethnbubba2

    Good grief – I even recognized her! I don’t know why I thought she was no longer living… Thanks for the update. She was part of the only family we had in the San Jose area when we first married and moved there. Her kids were fairly young and they were all so nice to me/us! Good memories!

  2. Barbara Malmberg

    You are great at communicating with family. It is so good to see Aunt Vicki looking so good. I miss our Mom’s. I hate that we are losing that generation. I need to call her!

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