Monthly Archives: July 2012

They’re Here

If you’re like me, you picture a little girl in front of a TV with snow on the screen, but now, I’m not talking about alien invasions.  I’m talking about the invasion of the Pageant 2012 workers.  Hill Cumorah Pageant starts on July 13th, but the volunteers from all over are starting to arrive.

We had a few men at church from Rocklin, California.  When I mentioned my brother use to live in Roseville, he said, “You’re Mark Walton’s brother?”

It is a small world.

Elder Jones and Elder Bringhurst came to dinner.   I made a pasta salad with rhubarb, onion, corn, bell peppers and a sweet dressing.  Elizabethe thought it wasn’t going to be good, but then she ended up having seconds.  I also made a turkey patty with a mushroom sauce over it.  For dessert we had a cucumber raspberry smoothy.

Elder Jones and Elder Bringhurst at the door wall (copyright 2012 db walton)

After dinner I showed them the door wall.  What did they do?  They immediately posed like they were knocking on the door.