Daily Archives: July 27, 2012

Demonstration of Painter

I invited Pres. Tanner to come see a demonstration of Corel Painter 12.  He was like a little kid seeing a new toy for the first time.  I had fun showing him too.

While he was here, I started this painting.  (I completed it after he left.  Please note – this is a digital painting, but it was not some automatic drawing mode.  This was created the same way I would make an oil painting on canvas, except without the mess and clean up.)

Car in Bodie, California

Here’s the photograph from which I based this painting…

Photograph from which the painting is based.

The cool thing about this process is, once I have it printed, transferred to canvas, and then acrylic gesso applied, it looks like an oil painting.

I substituted for a friend at the temple tonight.  It was fairly busy, and because it was our ward temple night, I saw lots of ward members.