Daily Archives: July 21, 2012

Pageant Ends Today

The Hill Cumorah Pageant 2012 ends today.  Tonight is the last performance of the season.  So, if you are interested in next year’s pageant, and want to be a part of it, watch this link for the application:  http://www.hillcumorah.org/Pageant/Participation/index.php

Elizabethe and I took the Pauleys to see Corbet’s Glen and High Falls in Rochester.  We had lunch at Dinosaur BBQ.  I went for the brisket sandwich.  The Pauley’s are here serving as site volunteers.  They help guide people at the various church sites, and help maintain a spirit of reverence at these sites.  (It is a great two week mission.  This is their second year doing it, and their second time staying at the Beckwith Mansion.)

The Pauley’s at Corbett’s Glen

The rest of my afternoon and evening was spent retouching photos.