Daily Archives: July 5, 2012

Time to Change

Last night, July 4th, our washer stopped working.  We have a service contract with Sears, so we called and they said a technician would be at our house between 8am and noon.

This morning, around 7:30am, I was up and working in the front yard, while our tenant was packing his truck.  Both of us were in the front yard.

Around 10:30am, Elizabethe comes out to tell me Sears called and said the technician came and nobody was home.


You’d think, as I was spraying RoundUp near the driveway, I would have noticed a big van pulling in the driveway.  You’d think as Dan was loading his truck (also in the driveway) he would have noticed a van pulling in.

Elizabethe calls Sears back and they said they would reschedule us for noon-4pm.  When she said we want someone out ASAP, she was told he would have to cancel the existing appointment and reschedule it.  When he did that, he says, “Our next available slot is on July 12th.”

Elizabethe escalates the call.  The next person tells her the technician is only running late and he will be there at 2:45pm.

A little disgruntled, we said okay.  2:45 came and went, and no technician.  Seven phone calls and we’re told he can’t be there until July 11th.

Needless to say, I’m a bit upset by this point.  I stopped all that I had planned for the day to wait for the Sears repair technician.  By the time we got done it was 6pm, and our plans for the day were shot.  And, when we went to do what we had planned, the store had closed already.


We’ve only used our Lowes repair contract once, and it was a very smooth and delightful service.  Perhaps it is time to change our service contract on our Sears-bought appliances.  I do not know what has happened to Sears, but they are not the Sears they used to be.

I’m ticked.  Oh, and we were again told, the guy came and nobody was home.  The part about that which bugs me the most is this happened once before.  The next day, when the repair guy showed up, I asked him.  He told me it wasn’t him, but a co-worker who has a reputation for saying people weren’t at home so he could meet his quotas.

When will businesses come to understand?

Quotas drive bad behavior.  You cannot motivate employees by making them meet quotas.  What you do is you motivate them to find loopholes, cheat and lie so they can keep their jobs.

When all was done, I took Elizabethe and we went to Spice Bazar for some spices.  We then went to a new Asian market (very nice), where we stocked up on vinegar and some miscellaneous items.  From there, we found a new Chinese buffet.  (This place had such a large selection I could not sample everything.  As it was, I only had bite sized pieces of various things.

The evening ended well.  Our guests for pageant arrived from Indiana.  We now have 80% of the house filled.  More guests arrive today and tomorrow.  Comes Sunday, we will have a full house again.