What Happened to the HP I Once Knew?

I got up this morning after a very restful night.  That walking in NYC really made me sleep soundly.  I should do that more often.

I went out to write my blog and I had not Internet connection.  In fact, I had no Ethernet interface on my PC.  This has been an ongoing problem since December 19th.  I was so mad, I wrote HP saying, “Fix it or refund my money.”

I then spent the rest of the day trying various tactics to get it working again.

My last several PCs have all been HPs.  Back in 1976 I became a true believer in HP quality with HP-67.  That thing was a ground-breaking calculator.  At about $750, it was the envy of any Engineering student.

Back then, HP was known for quality.  We used HP calculators in the chemistry lab, and HP scopes and equipment in the physics lab.  These were the Cadillacs of electronics equipment.

Oh, and an HP keyboard was built to withstand anything your fingers could pound out.

Then, in 1979 they came out with the HP-85 micro computer.  Not to mention the HP-3000 mini computer.  These are well-built computers.  We joked around this time that HP meant “High Priced”.

Somewhere along the line though, HP computers stopped being well-built and started being common place.  Well, today, HP lost its luster in my eyes.  And, after spending 12 hours working on my desktop (which by the way is a 6 core, 3.3 GHz, 16GB machine) I was think I might ask for my money back and go buy something else.

It’s been a long day.