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Logan Bound

My goal was to leave Highland for Logan at 8am.  Even though the sealing for Rebecca and Chris was at noon, I did not want to be late.  So, when I went to load stuff in the car, there was about 3.5 inches of snow on the ground already.  By the time I got the car loaded, it was about 4 inches.

Rebecca called during this time.  She was a little miffed that certain family members were calling her trying to get her to change her plans because of the weather.  So, both Rebecca and I made some phone calls to discover the storm was quite localized to the Utah Valley and did not extend into Salt Lake or points north.

We picked up Amber, but just before that, my ex-wife called asking if her and her husband could hitch a ride with us. 

Who does that?

We had to tell her no because we already had 3 passengers in a 4 passenger sub-compact.  (By the way, this Nissan we rented was the worst car I have ever driven. What a death trap.  I’ll never rent one again.)  It is a good thing we didn’t try to squeeze them in because Jennifer called and needed a ride.

The 4 of us were finally Logan bound around 9:40am.  Once we passed Salt Lake City, there was hardly any snow falling.  By the time we made it to Willard Bay, the ground did not have any snow.  By the time we got the Brigham City, the skies were starting to clear.

We made it there on time, and all went smoothly for the sealing.  It was so nice to see Rebecca and Chris and Zoe sealed. 

We had lunch at a Mexican Restaurant in Logan.  (Not the greatest food.  And, I had way too much Mexican food this trip.)

We took Amber back to her work, and then Jennifer to her in-laws.  We let the kids open their presents from us, and visited for a bit with them.

While I was there, Kathy and I talked by phone.  I had to provide the Reader’s Digest version of the trip.  She was quite appalled at some of the antics that went on.  Rebecca got a kick out of some of her comments about what she would have done had she been there.   We had a good laugh.

We had some time before having to be to the airport.  I drove Elizabethe up and around the Draper Temple.  We looked at the castle-like homes up there.

We then stopped at Kneader’s for a quick snack, and then on to the airport.

When we got to SLC, we discovered the check in was closed for their break.  So, we had to sit around for an hour and a half waiting.  It went quickly.  Before long, we were on our way back home.

Movie RED

We started the day off with a surprise visit to Amber’s work. She was quite surprised to see us. She introduced us to her boss and her boss’ boss. It was a nice place to visit.

After that I dropped Elizabethe off at Becky’s house. I met up with Rebecca and Chris and we went to lunch.

We then went and picked up Elizabethe and we went to watch the movie RED. I highly recommend this movie. It is extremely funny. Mary-Louise Parker is a riot in this movie. I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in ages. Hollywood CAN make funny movies that are clean.

After the movie Elizabethe and I did some shopping. We went to emergency essentials, Deseret books, and Michael’s. We ran into a returned missionary, Elder Murphy, who served in Palmyra. It was nice seeing him.

After that we came over to Mark’s house. Amber later joined us with Brianna. We had fun singing Christmas songs, letting girls open their presents and just visiting.

Sunday with Amber

Elizabeth and I slept in this morning. We went to church with Amber in the afternoon. She attends a singles ward.

Amber addressed the Temple Prep Class about her experience attending the temple for the first time. It was a sweet experience.

After church they had a luncheon so we stuck around for that.

Wedding Day for Ben and Natalie

We spent last night at Bethe’s sister’s house in Orem. They have a cat and so about 4 am I was up with allergies. I got dressed and Elizabethe and I headed to Walmart to get some antihistamines.

We ate breakfast at Kneader’s. I highly recommend their French Toast. Very good!

We had some things to get done and in the midst of our errands Natalie called and she was in tears. Her mom was doing her darnedest to undermine the pictures at the temple. (A series of wagers had been made regarding how long it would take Cindy or Vivian to bring Natalie to tears. Sad, but a fact of life in the Carson family.) After getting her settled down, we continued on.

Hundreds of weddings have shown me 1) people are always late, 2) people misjudge how long it will take to do pics, 3) people have no clue as to outdoor lighting. Add all three together and there is no room for control-freaks at weddings.

We got shots of the girls, grandkids, my side of the family and bride’s maids and then Ben and Natalie had to rush off to the temple to check in. About 10 minutes later, who shows up?

Okay, it goes without saying.

The sealing was wonderful. We did a few shots on the temple steps before we ran out of daylight.

The girls, Elizabethe, Marilyn and grandkids and I grabbed a quick bite at a sandwich shop and then on to the reception.

We had a fun time there.

Endowment Day

We stayed last night at my brother’s house. We got up early to get to the Mt Timpanogos Temple were Natalie and Amber would receive their endowments.

It was quite wonderful to see 4 of my 5 daughters there. Plus, as an added bonus, Chris had made it back from Iraq to be there too.

After the temple we went to Bedeo’s for lunch. While there, Rebecca recorded a phone call from her stake president telling her that Chris and her have been cleared to be sealed.

Immediately after the announcement, the girls started begging Bethe and I to stay. After several phone calls, we arranged for coverage at work and rescheduling of flights and rental car.

It was then off to take some bridal shots of Natalie.

We took some photos of Natalie at Cabela’s. This one I grabbed with my iPhone to post for Jeff and Kathy.

We ended the day with Brianna’s blessing. It was well attended and a wonderful way to end such a wonderful day.

Travel to SLC

I drove Elizabethe in to work today.  I took the day off.  I had some errands to do before flying to SLC.

While Elizabethe was at work, I hit Walmart and a couple of stores to get some last-minute things for our trip.  At lunch time, I picked up some sandwiches from Wegmans.  I picked up Elizabethe, and then it was on to the airport.

We got to JFK and my gate-checked bag didn’t show up.  I asked the gate attendant, and he went back to check.  He couldn’t find it.  I was getting worried as it had my camera equipment. 

A little later, he went to check and found it had NOT been gate checked back in ROC, but baggage checked to JFK.  He sent me down to baggage claim to get it.

So, I get down there, and it is not there.  So, I go to the baggage office and it is there.  So, I had to prove to them it is my bag.  What a pain in the rear.

Now, it was back to security.  Yes, I had to go through security at JFK.  I hate it there. 

Why does JFK have so many smelly passengers?  I swear, it attracts people with bad hygiene habits. 

By the time I get through security, I REALLY need to use the bathroom.  I rushed as fast as I could.  It was the most frustrating layover I have ever had, and then to add a mad rush to the bathroom, just made it all the more uncomfortable.

Normally JetBlue is really good.  I guess I just hit them on a bad day.  But, I got my equipment, and made it back to catch my flight (which was late) to SLC.

Bad Traffic and Bad Drivers

When traffic is bad, you would thing people would pay more attention and drive with more caution.  But, I swear, bad traffic brings out the bad drivers.  Three and a half hours on the road today to drive what is normally a 25 minute drive.  One guy was straddling the center of two lanes and weaving back and forth.  I could see he was holding his cell phone with his right hand, and a cigarette with the left.

Where is a cop when you need one?

Another kid comes zooming up to the intersection where there is a red light.  He slams on the brakes and comes sliding to a halt about 2 feet behind the car in front of him.  I’ve driven enough in ice and snow to know you do NOT know how slick a section of road will be.  That kid was lucky.  He is lucky it wasn’t any more slick else he would have rear-ended the car in front.  And, in such a case, I would have waited for the NY State Trooper to arrive so I could tell the story.

Asinine.  Pure asinine.

When driving in 11F temperatures, with falling snow, you have to remember, salt on the roads doesn’t help.  If you don’t understand the chemistry, let me explain it like this.  Salt is a solid when it is under 1474F.  That’s REALLY hot.  Water is a solid when it is under 32F.  However, when mixed in the right proportions (right proportions being key) then the ionic solution of the two has a melting point of minus 6F.  That is in OPTIMAL (perfect, lab controlled) conditions.  In reality, it is only good to about 15F when in the correct mix. 

That is important, when in the correct mix.

So, if you put too much salt on the road, you get icy or slick conditions at even higher temperatures.  Remember, best case scenario for salting a road is 15F.  So, if it is 11F outside, you are dealing with slick roads and it doesn’t much matter if the town or county is salting the roads.

In other words, if it is under 15F outside, drive CAREFULL and not like a fool folks.

(Also, if it is that cold, don’t waste your money and time throwing salt all over.  It will only get tracked into your house and car and ruin your floors and floorboards of your car.)

By the way, calcium chloride is better than salt when it comes to its melting properties.  However, it is slicker and when mixed with water becomes soap-like.  It is only good to about zero farenheit.  And, unless mixed with a little sand or gravel may not be a good option for roads.  Also, it is expensive and damages brick and concrete.  And, most any ice melter is going to be harmful to your car.  When it comes to any salt used to melt ice, more is NOT better.  In fact, more can raise the melting point thus making it more costly and more damaging.

Okay… I’ve got off topic.  Drive SLOWER and don’t tailgate when it is this cold.  The roads will be slick no matter what.


Now that you’ve got a lecture on why you need to drive slower… today was quite the snowy day.  According to one account, this is the worst storm since 1989.  I didn’t live here in 1989, so I can’t relate.  I did check, and total accumulation for today according to NOAA for Palmyra is 5″.  It seems deeper, but that is because accumulation is measured in a non-drifted environment and not on the side of the roads or sidewalks where it gets piled up because people pushing the snow there.  Again, we’ve got a grand total of 5″ of accumulation to date.   They are also estimating that when this storm is done, we might have 8″ of accumulation.


We only had one session at the temple tonight.  I spent the entire evening working in initiatory except for a brief moment when President Strausburg asked me to see if I could figure out why the security cameras wouldn’t move.  It took me all of about 60 seconds to notice that the camera joy stick was acting more like a computer mouse.  I found a “shift” button was on, so I pressed it and the LED went off, and that resolved the problem.

Sometimes it takes a computer geek.  (If someone thinks I just admitted to being a geek, I will deny it.)

Confused? It’s Easy

I read a news headline that read, “People Confused Over LDS and Mormon”.

It is quite simple.  Mormon is a nickname given to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or LDS, for short. 

Now that the confusion is cleared up, it was a cold, windy, snowy day in Rochester.  I got out of work to hear on the radio that with the windchill, the temperatures feel like -5F.  It was 15F at the time according to the thermometer in my car.

We did our weekly grocery shopping at Walmart on the way home.  We ran into a lady from church who said she’s stocking up because they might cancel school tomorrow.  (She’s a school teacher.)

Okay… like you care, but Top Ramen was 17c a package.  That’s darn cheap for noodles of any kind.

We came home and I made teriyaki chicken for putting on wheat rolls, and we watched The Work and The Glory – Part I.  Enrico and Louise had never seen it before.  It’s kind of cool watching a major motion picture that takes place in your front yard about 180 years ago.

Twelve Wonderful Years

It was twelve years ago today that Elizabethe and I were sealed in the Oakland Temple.  It has been the best twelve years of my life, and it keeps getting better.  We never fight and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

After church I made my ever-increasing-popular cashew chicken, only I used left over turkey from Thanksgiving.  (That pre-cooked turkey breast really soaks up the sauce.)   It was good, but not as good as the chicken variety.

We watched the movie Scout Camp.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.  I was a bit worried that it might try to make Boy Scouts look like total buffoons.  It did not.  In fact, the movie accurately portrayed Scout Camp.  There was not one thing in the movie that was far-fetched.  Everything in the movie was stuff I personally have witnessed at Scout Camp in one form or another.

I was expecting far-fetched pranks, and stupid things that would make me say, “Nobody is that stupid.”  I was wrong.  I mean, I was wrong about the far-fetched pranks.  Also, there was nothing in the movie that made me think, “That wouldn’t happen”, or “Nobody is that stupid.”

I told Elizabethe after one scene where the patrol leader gave the boys a lecture about using the bathroom before getting to camp, “I thought I had made up that speech.”   It was like deja vu as the  boy in the movie told the younger scouts all the horrors of using the camp K.Y.B.O.

At that point, Elizabethe asked, “What’s a kybo?”  (Pronounced K-eye-bow)

I told her it stood for “Keep Your Bowels Open”.

About then in the movie, one of the boys explained what K.Y.B.O. stood for.

Like I said, it was all true to form even down to the silly patrol yells.

Yeah, the movie has some crude juvenile humor, but so does Scout Camp.  Blue darts, the lake jacuzzi, and tipping the kybo are all things that go on at camp.  That said, there was no cussing, and it had a nice message.

Again, I would recommend it – especially if you have ever been to Scout Camp.

(This might not appeal to many women, or people who have never been to Scout Camp.  There is a lot of Scout-oriented esoteric references.  But, for me, it was a trip back to Loon Lake in the summer of 1969, and Camp Harvey West in 1970 and Loon Lake again in 1971 and so forth.  With over 35 years of Scouting experience, this movie triggered  memories with every scene.)