Last Day at Work This Year

Today is my last day at work for the year.  Things were kind of quiet, and I liked that.

Being Tuesday, it was Elizabethe’s and my night at the temple.  It was the busiest night I have seen since working in the Palmyra Temple.  Baptisms, endowments and sealings were all busy.  I don’t know about initiatories, because I wasn’t in there at all.  They had me busy on other assignments.  Either way, it was busy.

We haven’t had snow this last week, so the crust of the snow has a sheen to it.  It really looked cool how the lights reflected off the blanket of snow as I came out of the temple.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough light to capture it on camera without a long set-up time with a tripod.  And, it was windy and cold, and I just didn’t feel up to doing that. But, it was beautiful.