Sunday After Christmas

We had several visitors at church today.   Mostly family visiting family, but there were a few tourists also.

Last Sunday, the Primary children made me a card and so I asked if I could have some time to thank them.  And, since they haven’t called a new pianist yet, I played again for the first hour.

We had a high priest group leader meeting after church – just a quick one.  Then it was home for lunch.

We had a bottle of BBQ pork that didn’t seal, so I re-heated it and we had it over basmati rice with brocoli on the side.

Rooibos Herb Tea

Kathy sent me some herb tea made mostly with dried fruit and rooibos (aspalathus linearis, aka red-bush, a caffeine free alternative to tea and is loaded with flavonoids).  Fruity, but not as tart and fruit as Red Zinger and much better tasting.  Really good stuff.  It would go good mixed with a diet Coke.  (Just kidding Kathy.  Really.  Just kidding.  Okay, I’ll shut up now.)

Hmmm… Diet Cherry Coke?

Okay, I better quit before I get in big trouble.