Daily Archives: December 18, 2010

Wedding Day for Ben and Natalie

We spent last night at Bethe’s sister’s house in Orem. They have a cat and so about 4 am I was up with allergies. I got dressed and Elizabethe and I headed to Walmart to get some antihistamines.

We ate breakfast at Kneader’s. I highly recommend their French Toast. Very good!

We had some things to get done and in the midst of our errands Natalie called and she was in tears. Her mom was doing her darnedest to undermine the pictures at the temple. (A series of wagers had been made regarding how long it would take Cindy or Vivian to bring Natalie to tears. Sad, but a fact of life in the Carson family.) After getting her settled down, we continued on.

Hundreds of weddings have shown me 1) people are always late, 2) people misjudge how long it will take to do pics, 3) people have no clue as to outdoor lighting. Add all three together and there is no room for control-freaks at weddings.

We got shots of the girls, grandkids, my side of the family and bride’s maids and then Ben and Natalie had to rush off to the temple to check in. About 10 minutes later, who shows up?

Okay, it goes without saying.

The sealing was wonderful. We did a few shots on the temple steps before we ran out of daylight.

The girls, Elizabethe, Marilyn and grandkids and I grabbed a quick bite at a sandwich shop and then on to the reception.

We had a fun time there.