Daily Archives: December 17, 2010

Endowment Day

We stayed last night at my brother’s house. We got up early to get to the Mt Timpanogos Temple were Natalie and Amber would receive their endowments.

It was quite wonderful to see 4 of my 5 daughters there. Plus, as an added bonus, Chris had made it back from Iraq to be there too.

After the temple we went to Bedeo’s for lunch. While there, Rebecca recorded a phone call from her stake president telling her that Chris and her have been cleared to be sealed.

Immediately after the announcement, the girls started begging Bethe and I to stay. After several phone calls, we arranged for coverage at work and rescheduling of flights and rental car.

It was then off to take some bridal shots of Natalie.

We took some photos of Natalie at Cabela’s. This one I grabbed with my iPhone to post for Jeff and Kathy.

We ended the day with Brianna’s blessing. It was well attended and a wonderful way to end such a wonderful day.