Daily Archives: December 12, 2010

Twelve Wonderful Years

It was twelve years ago today that Elizabethe and I were sealed in the Oakland Temple.  It has been the best twelve years of my life, and it keeps getting better.  We never fight and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

After church I made my ever-increasing-popular cashew chicken, only I used left over turkey from Thanksgiving.  (That pre-cooked turkey breast really soaks up the sauce.)   It was good, but not as good as the chicken variety.

We watched the movie Scout Camp.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.  I was a bit worried that it might try to make Boy Scouts look like total buffoons.  It did not.  In fact, the movie accurately portrayed Scout Camp.  There was not one thing in the movie that was far-fetched.  Everything in the movie was stuff I personally have witnessed at Scout Camp in one form or another.

I was expecting far-fetched pranks, and stupid things that would make me say, “Nobody is that stupid.”  I was wrong.  I mean, I was wrong about the far-fetched pranks.  Also, there was nothing in the movie that made me think, “That wouldn’t happen”, or “Nobody is that stupid.”

I told Elizabethe after one scene where the patrol leader gave the boys a lecture about using the bathroom before getting to camp, “I thought I had made up that speech.”   It was like deja vu as the  boy in the movie told the younger scouts all the horrors of using the camp K.Y.B.O.

At that point, Elizabethe asked, “What’s a kybo?”  (Pronounced K-eye-bow)

I told her it stood for “Keep Your Bowels Open”.

About then in the movie, one of the boys explained what K.Y.B.O. stood for.

Like I said, it was all true to form even down to the silly patrol yells.

Yeah, the movie has some crude juvenile humor, but so does Scout Camp.  Blue darts, the lake jacuzzi, and tipping the kybo are all things that go on at camp.  That said, there was no cussing, and it had a nice message.

Again, I would recommend it – especially if you have ever been to Scout Camp.

(This might not appeal to many women, or people who have never been to Scout Camp.  There is a lot of Scout-oriented esoteric references.  But, for me, it was a trip back to Loon Lake in the summer of 1969, and Camp Harvey West in 1970 and Loon Lake again in 1971 and so forth.  With over 35 years of Scouting experience, this movie triggered  memories with every scene.)