Daily Archives: December 11, 2010

Temple and Christmas Party

We were supposed to work in the Bishop’s Storehouse today, but a last-minute change required us to work at the temple instead.  It was a busy Saturday afternoon at the temple.  The weather outside was nice, and a lot of people decided to come to the temple.  That was nice.

I had a bit of a concern when I found a camera in the drawer at the front desk dated, “11/12/2010”. 

“Holy cow,” I thought, “someone has been without their camera for a whole month.  They must be worried sick.”

Bringing it to the attention of a member of the presidency, I was instructed to leave it there and they would ship it back  to them during the closure in February.  So, I did as instructed.

A while later, a young man came up asking for his camera and presenting the claim check.  I only remember seeing one camera in the drawer, and so I checked the claim numbers and sure enough it was his. 

He had written the date European-style – dd/mm/yyyy, and not American style, mm/dd/yyyy.  

Why I didn’t catch that, I don’t know.  But, I’m glad it was reunited with its owner.

After the temple we went to the Palmyra Ward Christmas Dinner.  They had a nice turkey and ham dinner.  My favorite was the apple crisp that was served.  The apples were tangy and not too mushy.  It was goooood.

The Primary children did a nativity scene and sang some songs.  I got a kick out of one little boy who had some donkey ears that kept flopping in his face.  He’d try to blow them and he would shake his head, but they remained in his face.  I hope someone got that on video.  It was cute and quite entertaining.