Daily Archives: December 1, 2010

First “REAL” Snow

So far, all we have had this year are tiny flurries of snow.  Nothing real.  UNTIL TODAY.

I’m sitting in my Rochester office and I hear, “It is REALLY coming down.”

Well, it was raining when I came in to the office.  So, the comment really didn’t surprise me.  But,  then I wondered if she was talking about snow.

So, I stood on my tippy-toes, so I could see over the cubicle wall, and sure enough.  The roof outside the window was covered with snow.

Around 5:15pm, I’m leaving my office.  My car has a good deal of snow on it.  I go to open the trunk and it won’t move.  The heavy wet snow had frozen after the sun went down.

Us Idaho boys aren’t use to this wet stuff.  Dry snow on the trunk lid sits there until you sneeze and then it all flies away.  This stuff, it is like the stuff that comes out of a Slurpee Machine.  It is wet, runny and mush… until it gets cold outside, and then it turns to  this hardpack crunchy stuff that is more like a SnoCone.

On the drive home, the heavy wet pack of snow frozen to my car had a noticeable effect.  The drag could be felt as I pressed the pedal to the floor. 

The whole way home, I couldn’t help wondering how much snow we got.  As I got closer and closer to Palmyra, the depth of the snow became less and less.  To my surprise, we did have some snow left on the lawn.  Louise had shoveled it off the drive way, so the drive was was nearly dry by the time we pulled in.  However, it is cold outside and chance are, it is cold enough it will still be on the lawn come morning.