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Halloween on a Sunday

The kids at church today were quite wired.  Most of them were excited about all the candy they got at Friday’s and Saturday’s Halloween parties, the rest because they knew it was waiting for them at home.

After Sacrament Meeting, for the 2nd week in a row, little Autumn came up and hugged me.  I asked her mom if she could walk with me back to the Primary room.  She held my hand and for the first time, she actually started talking to me.  She told me all about going trunk-or-treating twice.  It was precious.

Primary was its usual kick.  The kids are always fun and I love to hear them sing.  They sing because they love to sing.  Why can’t we as adults be more carefree about singing?  It really is good for the spirits to just sing because you are happy.

After church, after lunch, and after a nap, I made dinner and dessert.  For dinner I made sausage, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and pepper gravy.  We also had salad and cooked beet greens and swiss chard.  For dessert I made gooey cake with apple slices in the cheese cake part.

The sisters stopped by, and I sent them on their way with some gooey cake.

Gooey Cake Topping in the Making

Because Elizabethe and I do our best to honor the sabbath day, and keep it holy, we turned the porch light off, and went to bed hoping it would discourage trick-or-treaters from coming to the house.  Normally, we welcome the trick-or-treaters, but when it falls on a Sunday, we prefer to participate in activities on Friday or Saturday.

Next year, however, watch out…. Brent’s going all out on Halloween!!!

Garage Clean-up Day

We spent the day cleaning the garage.  We have particle board shelves on metal racks.  Because of the humidity, I wanted to protect them with an oil-based paint.

So, it was off to Lowe’s to buy some oil-based paint.  The only brand we could find was Rustoleum.  Then Walmart to get some rust treatment for the floor grate.  Then, back home to get to work.

It was hard work, and it took us into the evening.  But, we got it done.

Floor Grate with Rust Treatment

The garage smells like paint.  Big time.  But, in a few days that will all go away.  We’re ready for winter now.

After all the work was done, I built the season’s first fire.

First Fire of the 2010/2011 Season

Enrico and Louise were a huge help.  We couldn’t have got it all done without their help.  I think they were too beat to sit around and enjoy the fire.  Me?  I was too beat to move.


Work was work.  For a Friday, it was pretty busy.  There used to be a day that Fridays were quiet.  Not any more.  Those days are gone.

After work, we went to the stake center for the ward harvest dinner and trunk-or-treat.  This ward really knows how to have a ward social.  There is more of a sense of community here than what exists in the west.

Here’s a few pictures from the evening…


Rare Traffic Jam

This morning’s commute had a rare traffic jam.  We seldom see traffic backed up.  Today was one of those rare occasions.

I dropped Elizabethe off at her office about 8:35 am.  So, it wasn’t real bad, but for here, it was.

The day flew by.  I was kept so busy by the time I looked at my watch it was, or appeared to be, 3:45pm.  No sooner had I looked at my watch, my reminder popped up on my screen saying time to pack up.  It was 4:45 pm.

We zipped home, ate dinner, and then it was off to my studio office to do some work.  I had a senior package to get out, some files to upload for printing, and other odds and ends.  All of that stuff wrapped up around 8:30 pm.

Mark turned 49 today.  (Mark’s my younger brother.)  We talked for a bit over the phone.  He told me about getting rid of the Suburban and buying a used Escalade.   We talked about politics, old friends, and his liberal neighbor.

I attempted to do some personal Photoshop work, but between Kathy and Rebecca texting me, it was difficult.  (So, I’m too OCD to just let my iPhone sit there.) 

Studio Door 10-27-2010

Windows Have a Home

My windows I replaced, the old ones, now have a home.  Elder Haacke came and picked them up.  They are most likely going to be used in the reconstruction of the Harmony, PA, home.  This is exciting.

The windows are important because they are high-quality cylinder glass.  The method of making sheet glass back in the 19th century resulted in imperfections that made the glass have a wavy appearance.

Work was busy today with small fix-it items and meetings.  I even had a meeting that went after hours.  (I really hate those.  Comes 5pm, I want to get the heck out of there.)

I officiated the 7:45pm session tonight.  It was small.  We had some tourists from Australia (four of them) and Brother Flood.  Like I said… it was small.

My friend Kathy and I have been batting around ideas for a book.  I am not going to give the plot away; that would be stupid.  Let’s just say, the ideas have us laughing pretty hard.  I told Kathy that I’d write the book, if she’d pitch it to Hollywood.

Displayed in Window on Main Street

The WalMart Gym

So, a close friend said she was heading for the gym. (Should I mention her name is Kathy?)  I told her I was, too.  WalMart.

From the entrance to the garden department it is 1/4 mile.  Stopping in the garden department, do 10 reps of 5 each dead-lifting 80 pound bags of compost. 

Next stop, sporting goods.  There you will find those stretchy springs for exercising your pecs.  Do 10 each, one rep per brand.  This will be equivalent to about 5 reps of 10.  While there, take one of the exercise balls, and test it out on the floor.  They are good for a stretch.

From there it is to the dairy department.  As you pick up the milk, curl 1 gallon (about 10 pounds) in each arm doing about 10 reps of 10.

Next, bottled water.  Pick up a 5 gallon jug (40 pounds) and press it over your head.  Do about 5 reps of 5.

From there we go to the meat department.  Find the largest prime rib or turkey.  Typically about 15 pounds.  Curl this using both arms.  Do about 5 reps of 10.  Then, switch to 5 pound pork loins, one per hand, and alternate curls – 10 reps of 10.

Finally, for a warm down, before heading to the checkout stand, juggle 3 oranges while walking through the produce department.

Not only can you get your grocery shopping done, you can save money on a gym membership because WalMart Gym is FREE.


After shopping, I came home and fixed BLTs for dinner, and about the time we finished dinner, the sisters came to teach Enrico and Louise.

Sister Missionaries

Primary Program Today

I should probably start with the most exciting news of the day.  Louise was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today. 

Today was also our ward’s Primary Program in Sacrament Meeting.  Yeah, I had to move from organ to piano and back.  I enjoyed it.

At the very end, one of the little girls in Primary came up and gave me a big hug.  That just made my day.  Children are so precious.

I took Enrico home teaching with me for his first time.  We visited the Green Family.  Enrico was quite excited to get to go home teaching.  I was excited to be able to take him with me.  It is rewarding watching him and Louise grow in the gospel.

Hiking at Corbett’s Glen

I picked up Paul this morning to go hiking at Corbett’s Glen.  Neither one of us had been there before, and the description sounded nice.

It was difficult to find the place.  I was expecting a park with a big parking lot.  Instead, it is a dead-end road with parking alongside the road, and it lies on the other side of a tunnel.

Me and Paul at Corbett’s Glen

We took lots of photos of the waterfalls there.  It’s a very picturesque place.  We really enjoyed it.

Corbett’s Glen Waterfalls

On the way back to Paul’s place, we stopped at a few road-side attractions to take some more pictures.

Iguana and Bearded Lizard

In the mean time, Elizabethe was back at the mansion canning apples and tomatoes.  She’s been in a canning mood as of lately.  Our shelves that were empty, are mostly full now.

Corbett’s Glen – Fall 2010

(above taken with iPhone 3Gs)

Asters (taken and edited on iPhone 3gs)

Date Night with Elizabethe

Fridays are date night with Elizabethe.  We went out and spent a good portion of the night talking about what you would say if you could go back to your younger self and give some advice.  Interesting question to ponder.

Sorry, it won’t be made public what I would say….  Some things are best kept off the Internet.   Let’s just say, they would  have been words of advice to help me avoid pitfalls and dangers along the way.

Kathy has been cracking me up most of the day.  There’s been a lively exchange on Facebook regarding our outfits we wore to San Francisco back in early 70s.  It has been fun laughing about things. 


Elizabethe bought a bunch of tomatoes, apples, mushrooms and stuff and has been canning most of the day.  In fact, she is in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on things.  She’s going all out on food storage.

Hey, do you blame her the way things are going in Washington, D.C. ?

Home Canning