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Beckwith Mansion

A little About Us – Lodging in Palmyra –  We are classified as a Tourist Home.   The Beckwith Mansion & Estate in Palmyra, NY, is not a bed and breakfast, hotel, motel, inn or boarding house, but a couple of empty-nesters with rooms to rent to weary travelers.    A tourist home is a clean place to stay, with linens provided, but we cannot offer services (like breakfast, coffee, tea, turn-down, room-service, etc.).  We’re kind of like a hostel in many ways.  However, because we do not offer services, we are a lower priced alternative, and we do not have to charge hotel taxes.  The Beckwith Mansion offers lodging — rooms for rent.


A special note about Hill Cumorah Pageant:  We are currently taking reservations for the 2018 Hill Cumorah Pageant as well as any other time.  Remember, there is more to Palmyra than just the Pageant.  Plan to stay long enough to visit such local sites and attractions as Watkins Glen, Glenn Curtis Museum, Museum of Play, Eastman House, and more.

Palmyra only has one inn, a couple of B&Bs, a couple of vacation rentals and The Beckwith Mansion & Estate.  We offer 5 guest rooms.  Four with a shared bathroom, and one with a private bath.  There is also a shared guest washingroom on the first floor.  What we have, that no other lodging in Palmyra has, is a beautiful park-like setting (as you can see from the photo above.)


Our guests are welcome to prepare their own meals in the kitchen, do their laundry here, enjoy the library, parlor, music room, children’s playroom, and sitting room.  A TV is available in the sitting room.  While the owners are willing to share their WiFi with you, we cannot guarantee WiFi access in all areas of the house due to the lathe and plaster construction of the walls.

There is a lovely deck for backyard picnics with huge trees and friendly squirrels to watch while you enjoy the gardens.  The gardens are especially beautiful in the Spring with thousands of bulbs and flowers blooming.  Fall is also lovely with the turning of the leaves on the maples, oaks, walnut, chestnut and many other trees.  Please note that we do not allow alcohol or tobacco anywhere on the grounds.

Our Location

Our location is close to the following area attractions:

LDS Attractions

Alvin Smith’s Grave – about 600 feet (Church St & Main St).
Book of Mormon Publication Site (aka Grandin Press) – 0.25 miles east of the Mansion.
Martin Harris Farm – 2 miles (Maple St north of Route 31).  Note:  There are no tours here.  The house on this property was built after the Harris’ occupied the farm.  There is a parking lot where you can stop, get out, and look around.  Please do not disturb the residents who live in the house.
Joseph Smith Farm & Sacred Grove – 2 miles (Stafford Road south of Route 31).
New York Palmyra Temple – 2 miles (Temple Road across from Smith Farm).
Hill Cumorah – 5 miles (home of the Hill Cumorah Pageant – Route 21 south of Route 31).
Peter Whitmer Farm – 45 minute drive East via I-90 or NY ST Route 96.

 Where to Eat in Palmyra

Happiness Garden – 212 E Main Street (1/4 mile).
Nima’s Pizza – Corner of Main and Williams (1/4 mile).
Mark’s Pizza – 240 E Main Street (1/3 mile).
Chill-n-Grill (seasonal April-September) – 616 E Main (1 mile).
Acropolis  – 513 Canal Street (1 mile).

Special note to Palmyra Temple Patrons:

To our Latter-day Saint friends, winter months can be unpredictable.  When you find yourself stuck in the area while attending the temple during the winter (i.e. too much snow to drive home), give us a call.

If you attend the temple regularly, and travel from a long distance, give us a call.  If you are willing to set up a regularly scheduled stay, we can offer you a better rate.

Special note to college students: 

Would you like to spend time in Palmyra?  This fall/winter, we are offering room-and-board in exchange for 20 hours/week of work around the house and yard.  That’s right, 20 hours and we’ll house and feed you.  That leaves time for a social life, another job, school, etc.  Certain terms apply.  Applicants must agree to house rules.

213 W. Main St. Palmyra NY 14522
(315) 359-5280

Visit Brent’s Blog at http://blog.beckwithmansion.com

About the owners of the Beckwith Mansion & Estate

Elizabethe is your hostess during your stay.  She will take your reservations as well as give you a tour of the mansion and show you to your rooms.  You can enjoy her quilling work  and handmade cards in the downstairs foyer.  They too are available for purchase.

D. Brent Walton is a Photographic Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer.  His studio is located on the Beckwith Mansion & Estate grounds.  His work can be seen at http://www.dbwalton.com and http://www.FineArtbyDB.com .  Those staying at the Beckwith Mansion qualify for package deals when enlisting photography by db walton to photograph their family (or individuals).

Brent’s work can also be purchased in local shops and stores in the Village of Palmyra, as well as the front parlor of the Beckwith Mansion.  For on-line purchases, visit http://FineArtbyDB.com Available are postcards as well as fine art canvas prints in sizes up to 60 inches wide.  Custom frame selections are also available.  Brent’s book, Palmyra, is available for purchase too.  Those staying at the Beckwith Mansion & Estate may request a book signing with the purchase of your books.

We also offer photographic workshops, classes and photo walks.  The schedule and rates can be found at http://palmyra-ny.com